The school community members at Lonsdale Heights currently benefit from relatively small class sizes. In the delivery of curriculum this has obvious benefits. Further the overall size of the school allows for the development of meaningful relationships across year levels and between all staff and students. This focus on reciprocal relationships, based on our shared values ensures day to day accountability for both student behaviour and learning.

Learning and Programs

NIT subjects are taught by two specialists teachers who deliver the Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Cultural Studies curriculum.

All classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards. These facilities provide the opportunity for classes to participate in a
wide range of interactive experiences on any given topic.

Our large library and excellent IT facilities enable our students to participate in resourced based and information technology learning in a comfortable environment.

Our shaded playgrounds and Gym provide safe venues for physical education opportunities.

Assessment and Reporting

In accordance with DECD’s policy, all staff present to Parents/Caregivers twice a year a written report covering all areas of study from the South Australian Curriculum and Accountability Framework (ACARA) – a Mid Year and end of year report. Students are graded from A to E in all learning areas, C meaning they are operating at their year level.

Parents/caregivers and students in years 3 and 5 receive an additional report on aspects of literacy & numeracy demonstrated in the basic skills test that occurs in Term 2.

Reporting about student learning happens both informally and formally.


Principal – Lance Nesbit
Wellbeing Leader – Lisa Duerden
Education Support – Lisa Allan and Sharlene Richman

Rec/1 – Sharlene Richman
Y1/2 – Fiona Papp
Y3/4 – Quenton Robson
Y5/6 – Lisa Allan 

NIT Teachers;
Bianca Clothier – Cultural Studies/Visual Arts
Matt Nedosyko
Matt Nedosyko- Performing Arts

Special Options Class
Cherie Reed

Bianca Clothier

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